Revo Works Team

Ian Crocker

Director, Chief Engineer

Key Facts

Ian has 15 years experience as a senior manager in the UK’s largest automotive and leisure retailer. His role was developing, engaging and leading large teams of individuals to provide customers with the most outstanding customer service whilst dealing with the pressure of the ever changing retail industry. He has been in and around the motor racing paddock for many years and he has built cars for, and managed drivers and the team in the MX5 championships, Civic Cup Championship, M3 Cup Championship and Club Enduro to name a few. Ian, who is still an avid cyclist has experienced competition at a high level having won XC championships so understands the pressure that comes with it. He also competed at expert/elite level. That said you’ll often see the team having a dig about the lycra he often wears, especially Andy. He has recently worked with Kyle Wilks, a talented young BSB Stock 1000 rider in a mentoring capacity. Ian has over 25 years experience in vehicle mechanics from 2 stroke motorcycles to 4 stroke, from high powered turbo builds to hi revving race cars and there are the odd M3’s, M5’s and a TRD2000GT in there too. He is known by all around him for his obsessive attention to detail and is well known to expect perfection.

Photography is another passion of Ian’s and he has a website dedicated to it, Chasing Lens

What is Ian driving today?

2008 Renault Trafic Sport Team Van, 2018 Fiat Ducato 2.3 Maxi Team Van, both with Race Chips

Sam Stephens

Photographer, Researcher, Support Engineer, Team Mascot

Key Facts

Sam is a student of architecture and a talented photographer with a distinct style. He’s a bit of a jet setter and loves to explore the world armed with his trusty Sony camera. He’s obsessed with research and gathers all the facts about his favourite subjects so that he makes a calculated and educated decision, this includes anything he does to his CTR. He has superb research based knowledge of vehicles and modifying and is an outstanding character to have in the team.

Check out his website,

What is Sam driving today?

2005 Honda Civic Type R EP3, Modified

Hash Kangarani

Welder & Fabricator Extraordinaire 

Key Facts

Hash is an outstanding time served fabricator and welder in the petrol, chemical, filtration industry.  His fabrication and welding abilities expands to many materials. He has an excellent engineering background having studied it in depth in the past. Hash’s car passion revolves around classic cars and undertaking custom builds and projects. He has a number of Dr Frankenstein cars to his name with is current E30 318i with its 2.8 engine transplant being but one. If its welding and fabricating you are after, Hash is your man. From sill repair, panel repair to bolt in and weld in roll cages, his work truly is exceptional.

Nick Barker

IT Management

Key Facts

Nick is an IT Manager for a large logistics company. Nick has a degree in Computer Network Management and is a certified Microsoft Engineer. What he doesn’t know about computers probably isn’t worth knowing and if it is, he’ll work it out pretty quickly.

What is Nick driving today?

2016 BMW M135i

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