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The modern turbo engine offers drivers an unrivalled mixture of driveability and economy, having evolved massively over the past 2 decades. However, installing a Race Chip tuning box can improve the driveability, power and economy of your turbo engine, delivering impressive results in all areas.

from £119

  • Up to 20% more power
  • Up to 20% more torque
  • Up to 15% more MPG
  • 5 fine tuned maps

from £199

  • Up to 25% more power
  • Up to 25% more torque
  • Up to 20% more MPG
  • 6 fine tuned maps
  • 1 year engine warranty (Up to £2400)
  • Optional app control (vehicle specific, +£50)

from £319

  • Up to 30% more power
  • Up to 30% more torque
  • Up to 20% more MPG
  • 7 fine tuned maps
  • 2 year engine warranty (Up to £4000)
  • Optional app control (vehicle specific, +£50)

from £POA

  • Up to 30% more power
  • Up to 30% more torque
  • Up to 20% more MPG
  • 7 fine tuned maps
  • 2 year engine warranty (Up to £8000)
  • Optional app control (vehicle specific, +£50)
  • Warm-up timer
  • 2x reprogramming if you change your car

Why do I need a Race Chip for my vehicle?

  • Up to 30% more power
  • Up to 30% more torque
  • Up to 20% more MPG
  • Superb mid-range punch
  • Stronger acceleration
  • Extensive product warranty
  • Stays within the vehicles power reserves
  • Engine protection remains active
  • Engine warranty included
  • 30 days returns
  • Made in Germany

Small Box, Big, Big Punch

Passion for a little black box!

Here at Revo Works we are petrol heads, we love tuning, we love superb products and we love innovation. That’s why we wanted to push the envelope and search for the very best tuning solutions for our customers. Having used other manufacturer’s solutions we opted to use Race Chip, which is a beautifully designed and engineered product from Germany. Once we have fitted one to your petrol or diesel turbo vehicle we’re certain you’ll love them as well. The performance and fit is simply sublime.  We, and Race Chip, are so confident that you’ll love the performance of the product that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not blown away. The normal level of service that you would expect from us comes as standard when installing these awesome black boxes and yes, we always make sure the zip ties are perfectly in line and the same way round. One last thing, with all this enthusiasm about Race Chip, we’ve not even mentioned the Race Chip Performance Control App. Find out more about that below.

Race Chip Performance Control App

App Control, Game Changer!

As innovation leader in the field of chip tuning, Race Chip has developed a Smartphone app that enables the you to communicate via Bluetooth with your performance chip. This allows you to switch between three performance levels, which are specifically customised for your engine. You can choose from Efficiency, Sport and Race. 

The integrated warm-up timer allows you to set a warm-up phase for your engine before releasing the performance upgrade. This protects the engine even in the coldest of winter nights.

The tuning software is shipped pre-programmed with settings that are specifically designed for your car. However, if you wish to make fine-tuning adjustments to these settings (e.g. because the power of standard factory models can variate +/- 10%), we’re able to adjust the settings for you – simply providing them as a download file.

Can I use the Race Chip App Control on all Race Chip models?

This feature is available on Race Chip RS, Race Chip GTS and Race Chip GTS Black models. Certain vehicle manufacturers offer compatibility of this feature, we will advise you at the time of purchasing. App control costs just £50 extra which covers the hardware, software and remote link infrastructure.

Why buy a Race Chip from us?

  • Expert fitting
  • We aim to fit your Race Chip on the day of delivery
  • We aim to fit your Race Chip within 1 hour
  • Delivery to us is usually next day if ordered before 1 pm Monday to Thursday
  • Free refreshments, proper coffee!
  • Customer waiting room with entertainment and viewing window

What do I need to do next?

Please contact us for full details and the performance that we would expect to get from your particular model of car once the Race Chip is fitted. We’ll fire over a no obligation estimate with all the performance details and prices for your particular application. To go ahead with your order, once you’ve approved the estimate we require payment in full to place the order from Germany. We generally receive your Race Chip at the shop within 24 hrs if ordered before 1 pm, but this may vary. Once the Race Chip is with us, we’ll call and book you in for fitting.

Race Chip XLR Throttle Tuning

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