Yellow Speed Racing Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers Honda Civic Type R


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About Yellow Speed Racing

Yellow Speed racing was founded in 2003.  The brand developed into a new form in 2009 after a chance encounter in Las Vagas during 2007 of two motorsport enthusiasts.  Yellow Speed Racing products are manufactured in Taiwan and are produced to the highest of quality, a level that is expected in this demanding market.

Yellow Speed Racing continually develop there products through data obtained from both motorsport and street use.  They continually evolve the materials used, tolerances achieved, manufacturing methods, treatment processes, appearance and function of there products to meet the ever demanding requirements of the motorsport industry.

Each application is only released after extensive product testing on tracks and the street to ensure they maintain exceptional handling, ride quality and safety.

Revo Works and Yellow Speed Racing

Here at Revo Works we have extensive experience with the Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers as we built and run the Official Yellow Speed Racing Honda Civic Type R EP3 which is driven by Andy Gaugler in the Civic Cup Championship.  Since the fitment of the Pro Race Coilovers mid season Andy has enjoyed 4 podiums and finished the series in 4th place overall in the standings.  Not bad in his debut season.  We only fit Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers to our Civic Cup Car builds.  Although the YSR Civic Cup Car is fitted with the Dynamic Pro Race you can expect exactly the same build quality from the Dynamic Pro Sport.

Dynamic Pro Sport

Featuring 33 point click adjustment via the aluminium dials and offering independent ride height and spring preload you can be sure to achieve excellent handling without sacrificing your everyday comfort.

Front camber adjustment is achieved via the aluminium pillowball top mounts.  The pillowball mount allows flawlessly smooth rotation of the spring within the shock and reduces friction.  The Rear top mounts are made from aluminium with hardened rubber bushes to reduce noise.

The Dynamic Pro Sport system is ideal for daily driving and occasional track use.  For more aggressive track use and racing we would recommend the Yellow Speed Racing Dynamic Pro Race.

Whats Included:

  • Front Adjustable Shocks with Aluminium Pillowball Upper Mounts with Camber Adjustment
  • Rear Adjustable Shocks with Aluminium Upper Mounts without Pillowball
  • Front Springs, 8kg/448lbs
  • Rear Springs, 8kg/448lbs
  • Instructions
  • 4 Damper Adjustment Keys
  • 2 C Spanners
  • Sticker


Honda Civic Type R EP3 – 2003-2005