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Club Enduro Series

All you need to know about the Club Enduro Series

We have put this page together to offer you complete and clear access to everything you need to know about the Club Enduro Series. 

If you can’t find everything you need, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

What do you need to do to race in the Club Enduro Series?

  • Get your MSA Racing Licence
  • Register with the 750mc
  • Register with Club Enduro
  • Buy an Endurance Race Car or adapt yours
  • Register/Enter the races
  • Consider Testing and Race Support

Club Enduro Overview

Entry Fees

Each round is priced at £595, offering an unrivalled amount of seat time for the costs involved.

Production car classes – (flywheel) power to weight

A – 300bhp/ton

B – 240bhp/ton

C – 180bhp/ton

I – Invitational

(Invitational entries will be accepted at the organisers’ discretion.)


Either running as two car relay teams, or one car, with refuelling as required.


MSA list 1A/1B/1C only (no slicks permitted).


Promotional gifts and prizes will be presented at each round in 2016, courtesy of Ravenol.

Content courtesy of the 750mc Club Enduro.

The Essentials for Club Enduro

This Years Club Enduro

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