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Bespoke Civic Cup Championship Race Cars

Beautifully Hand Crafted Honda Civic Cup Race Cars

All of our race cars are hand crafted to meticulous detail at our workshop in Southampton England. We aim to build your car within 6 weeks from the order to your specification but this depends on the time of year you place your order.

Only the finest build quality

Here at Revo Works we build beautiful bespoke Civic Cup Championship race cars. The build quality is of the very highest standard. We do it that way as we love what we do and thats just how its done. The cars are built by hand to the very latest MSA blue book regulations and Civic Cup Championship regulations. We have been building Civic Cup race cars since 2014, in the infancy of the Civic Cup. Our cars have been vigorously tested and race proven. They are capable of achieving poles and the top step and, in the right hands the championship.  Our builds are evolving all the time with the design and development of new products and ways of doing things. Our cars can be built in a number of different ways depending on your budget and specification requirements. We currently go as far as a “bolt build” where we strip the car to the bolts which are then acid dipped and gold zinc plated. The suspension parts, subframes and misc brackets are all powder coated in satin black. Shells can also be stripped to the bear metal and powder coated. We have a dedicated paint shop on hand to finish your race car in your chosen livery. We only use the very best parts, manufacturers and services when manufacturing our cars and we are proud of what we do. 

How much is it going to cost?

This is one of those, “how long is a piece of string” questions. Yes, we know, its one of those really annoying lines but truly, its really difficult to nail down a cost. With that in mind, we can get you a pretty solid idea once we’ve spoken and have an idea of your requirements. A very important part of the “cost puzzle” is how good your donor car is. We always say start with a really great road car thats been loved and well maintained. A car with great service history and hasn’t been neglected or wrapped around a tree. Cars like that, although cheaper at the start incur costs later in the build with possible chassis straightening and parts. In our opinion and experience, its just not worth saving the money with a dodgy donor. So, set yourself a sensible sized budget and have in mind everything you want to do with the car and get out of it and give us a call, even better, come down and visit.

Ask yourself some questions

  • Do you just want to race in one championship?
  • Do you want to have instruction?
  • Endurance racing?
  • How good a cage do you want?
  • How good is the donor car?
  • Do you want a “bolt build”?
  • Can you get sponsored?
  • …the list goes on but we are here to help!

Our Civic Cup Championship Race Cars