CityBug Cup

All you need to know about the CityBug Cup

We have put this page together to offer you complete and clear access to everything you need to know about the freshest and most accessible circuit racing series in the UK, the CityBug Cup. The CityBug Cup is a strictly regulated sprint race series based in the UK. It enables competitors to race bumper to bumper in like for like race cars where driving ability and car setup will make the difference not the size of your wallet. 

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What car can I use for the CityBug Cup?

Toyota Aygo City Bug Cup Car

pre 2014, standard 1KR-FE engine

Peugeot 107 City Bug Cup Car

pre 2014, standard 1KR-FE engine

Citroen C1 City Bug Cup Car

pre 2014, standard 1KR-FE engine

About the CityBug Cup Race Car

The race cars are available at an extremely attractive price and are based on the agile city car collaboration offered by Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen. The CityBug Cup Race cars are the real deal, don’t you worry about that. They feature uprated suspension bushes, adjustable coilovers, uprated brakes, sports exhaust, air intake, mapped ECU, racing seat, racing harness, racing wheel, MSA 6 point roll cage, fire suppression system, electrics kill system, alloy wheels, racing tyres and the list goes on. All of these parts are heavily regulated. The aim is that money won’t buy you a win, talent and ability will.

What do you need to do to race in the CityBug Cup?

  • Get your MSA Racing Licence
  • Register with the BRSCC
  • Register with the CityBug Cup
  • Buy a CityBug Cup Race Car
  • Register/Enter the races
  • Consider Testing and Race Support

The Essentials for the CityBug Cup

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